You must file a tax return if, in the last tax year (6 April to 5 April), you were:

You will not usually need to send a return if your only income is from your wages or pension. But you may need to send one if you have any other untaxed income, such as:

You can choose to fill in a tax return to:

If your income (or your partner’s, if you have one) was over £50,000, you may need to send a return and pay the High Income Child Benefit Charge.

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HMRC must receive your tax return and any money you owe by the deadline.

A tax year runs from 6th April to the following 5th April

There’s usually a second payment deadline of 31st July if you make advance payments towards your bill (known as ‘payments on account’). You will be required to make a payment on account for the next tax year if your tax bill is over £1,000. There are penalties for late payments.

Partnership returns

If your partnership’s accounting date is between 1st February and 5th April and one of your partners is a limited company, the deadline for:

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